Darcy Renfro, Director of The Arizona We Want Institute
Renfro Appointed Inaugural Director of Institute

The Center for the Future of Arizona Chairman and CEO Lattie Coor has announced the appointment of Darcy Renfro as the inaugural director of The Arizona We Want Institute effective March 3, 2014. Renfro is responsible for strategic direction and management of the Institute and its activities. More →

Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards
Call For Nominations

The Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Awards were created to honor Gabe Zimmerman, director of community outreach for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The statewide competition recognizes outstanding non-elected public servants. Nominations are due by Monday, July 14, 2014 at 11:59 pm. More →

Lead Partners
7 Organizations Join as Lead Partners

Lead partners for each of the citizen goals have agreed to help build a statewide network of advocates by mobilizing their employees, members and partners to support the 2.0 action plan. The short-term objective is to make the 8 citizen goals a key part of the public discussion that drives the 2014 primary and general elections. More →

Read the Report

Take Action Today

Start by reading The Arizona We Want 2.0  report, which identifies eight citizen goals that describe The Arizona We Want and provides a strong foundation for the ongoing research and activities of the Institute.

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Take the Surveys


The Gallup Arizona Poll and the 2012 Arizona Civic Health Index are available online. We invite you to take one or both of the surveys for yourself. When you have completed your responses, the automated system will let you see immediately how similar or different your responses are from those of your fellow Arizonans.

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Become an AZ Advocate

AZ Advocates

The Institute is mobilizing both individual citizens and key partner organizations that are committed to Arizona's future by championing the citizens' agenda identified by the Gallup Arizona Poll and the Arizona Civic Health Index.

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In the news
7 ways to pay for state parks

The Arizona Republic
The ominous clouds hanging over Arizona State Parks need to start raining money. Parks managers struggle to protect valuable resources with no money from the General Fund. Unique remnants of Arizona's heritage have lost dedicated money streams meant to protect them. Read More →

People On The Move

Phoenix Business Journal
Darcy Renfro Spotlight View →

Lawmakers, Get With The Program

The Arizona Republic
Arizonans consistently say they value public land and open spaces. But Arizona lawmakers slashed funding for state parks during the recession and show no intention of healing those cuts. That's a disconnect of colossal proportions. Read More →