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Start by reading Vision 2025: Arizona Comes of Age  report, which sets forth a call to action that challenges both citizens and leaders to transform what the Center has learned about "who we are" as a state into an action plan designed to achieve the clearly enunciated goals of all Arizonans.

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Take the Surveys


The Gallup Arizona Poll and the Arizona Civic Health Index are available online. We invite you to take one or both of the surveys for yourself. When you have completed your responses, the automated system will let you see immediately how similar or different your responses are from those of your fellow Arizonans.

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Join The Arizona We Want Exchange

The Arizona We Want Exchange

The Arizona We Want Exchange provides the opportunity to connect to, engage with and accomplish the citizen goals. From individual commitments to corporate and municipal investments, all of us have a role to play in achieving The Arizona We Want.

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Make a Commitment

What does the Arizona we want look like in 2025?

We need leaders and citizens who are fully engaged in the challenges that confront us and who are willing to work together to fully realize the state’s future. In order to succeed, we must all COMMIT.

Tell us what YOU COMMIT to doing to make Arizona Vision 2025 a reality.