Center for the Future of Arizona


The Arizona We Want is an initiative of the Center for the Future of Arizona.

Arizona Citizens and Leaders Will Share a Common Roadmap for the Future.

Dr. Lattie F. Coor, Center for the Future of Arizona
Dr. Lattie F. Coor
Chairman and CEO
Center for the Future of Arizona

Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) embraces citizen participation as the foundation for an Arizona where citizens and leaders are fully committed to achieving the goals of the people who live here. We focus on building a broad-based, statewide network of citizens, leaders and organizations who share a common roadmap and trust. CFA is committed to ensuring Arizona citizens and leaders focus and work together on the issues that matter most to Arizona’s future, celebrate our successes, build effective collaborations and understand where we can do better.

In 2008-2009 we set out to deeply understand and articulate what matters most to Arizonans. In partnership with Gallup, CFA conducted the Gallup Arizona Poll, the most comprehensive research of its kind, and described eight “Citizen Goals” firmly grounded in the beliefs and opinions of Arizonans.

The major issues that confront us today remain the same. Education, job creation, infrastructure, healthcare, water and land management are the building blocks of prosperity and quality of life. The availability of young talent and the importance of citizen participation are core to our success. Every generation will be confronted with the need to successfully address the same issues in ways that provide people with more opportunities to live a secure and rewarding life.

Despite the clear consensus from citizens that these issues matter, less than 10 percent of Arizonans believe their elected officials represent their interests. About that same percentage have strong confidence in state government. Fewer than half have any confidence in state government’s ability to handle problems.

Since 2012 CFA has been working to translate the citizen goals into an action agenda, The Arizona We Want. We build partnerships, align action plans and leverage resources to focus and amplify the positive impact of individual initiatives. By combining a multitude of efforts into a common vision and roadmap, we can have a tremendous impact. Our ability to create a compelling future for Arizona will require a broad base of leaders -- big, small, rural, urban, elected and volunteer -- and citizens working together.

Over the last decade, our efforts have established partnerships with many state and local Arizona organizations, including Lead Partners committed to each of the citizen goals. This was a first and critical step in helping citizens and leaders find a common roadmap for the future. Today, more than 100 organizations are involved with CFA and The Arizona We Want.